Our partners

Truvalu.brands is a joint venture between Truvalu and Goodstart investments.



Truvalu is a co-entrepreneur for agro-food SMEs in developing countries. By providing Business Development Services and investing capital, Truvalu triples their value and grow these businesses to business maturity. All those enterprises have a large outreach to smallholder farmers who also benefit from this value creation. Truvalu.brands offers a gateway to enter the European market to the numerous companies in the portfolio of Truvalu that have the ambition to introduce their products to the European consumers.

Goodstart Investments

Goodstart Investments GSI is a go-to-market channel for start-ups with sustainable or fair trade products. GoodStart connects, sharpens and accelerates the business propositions. GoodStart’s focus is on agri-food, B2B and sustainable consumer products. GSI believes in building better worlds by achieving the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Truvalu.brands offers opportunities to achieve the triple bottom line in a realistic and pragmatic way.