Our purpose

There has never been a greater need to change the world of food consumption in combination with poverty alleviation.
Making healthier and sustainable food choices has become a key issue for people and planet today.
As part of our mission and vision , Truvalu.brands aims to make a substantial contribution to helping consumers improve their sustainable choice for enjoyable food and with their eagerness to share equal opportunities with the one who produced it.


To become a European Leader in enjoyable, fair food that creates equal opportunities.

We want to be a gateway to the European consumer market for food processing enterprises from developing countries. To do so we create additional (rural) jobs in these local companies and provide a higher income for supplying producing farmers.



To provide enjoyable, fair food that creates equal opportunities in producing countries.

We focus on food that is enjoyable to eat and complies with European standards. We want to realize equal prosperity among the value chain. The food processing companies are trained to upscale their facilities and coached to meet the European food standards while the producing farmers receive a fair price for their effort.
Through the involvement with the different stakeholders in the value-chain we know exactly what benefits we realize for them by selling their products.

Enjoy the movement

We take a special interest in food processing companies, from which we source our products, in developing countries.
By increasing the distribution of value in favour of these companies in developing countries, (rural) job creation and poverty alleviation are substantially improved.
We build a transparent value chain with a fair division of value among all stake- and shareholders. Herewith we guarantee the farmer a good price and the food processing companies capacity building and access to the European market.