Freezedried fruit

The story of Big stories in a little bag is one of extremes, one of fruit with ambitions. Exotic products at your own kitchen table. A small bag with maximum flavors. You expect something soft, but taste something crunchy. You think you’re snacking, but you’re actually being health. Surprise. Curiosity.

It’s a story of a crazy amount of fruit in a immensely small bag. But how? By applying the freeze drying technique. But why? Because all those precious vitamins remain and the taste is so good you forget you consumed the whole bag. Which is equal to three apples, two bananas, one mango and half a pineapple. Cool? Freez’n cool!

And what makes this story complete: it start with where the fruit comes from. The people, that pick that fruit, clean it, freezedry it and package it – in Bolivia – get a better life because of it. We are proud, because this story knows only winners.